About Rev. Manning

In her seminal work presented in Living Life as a Prayer, Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning shepherds readers toward realizing our intrinsic connection to each other, and to the Divine.

Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning is an innovative interfaith minister,  wedding officiant, skilled ritualist and liturgist, author, poet and artist who has been leading workshops, retreats and seminars in the secular and spiritual worlds for more than two decades.

Many of Rev. Manning’s published works can be found on Matrika Press. She collaborates on transformational television productions via TV for Your Soul and Empowering Women TV. Clients can schedule workshops and retreats with her at her Lakeside location, Moosehead Lake Retreats. She is also available for limited travel to select locations as well as to host gatherings online via Zoom and Twinkle’s Place.

She is the senior minister of The Church of Kineo, an emerging ministry in Rockwood, Maine, for which Living Life as a Prayer is the founding theology.

She has a presence on Facebook and Instagram.